Climate Fringe Stories

Resilience, Wellbeing and Hope in a Climate Crisis

January 15, 2021

In this latest episode of the Climate Fringe podcast we discuss the issues of keeping going, nurturing resilience and wellbeing and somehow remaining effective people in a climate crisis. Tami, Kat and Manish invite Eva Schonfeld, a climate activist, process designer and facilitator, who has been involved in activism for two decades. She coordinated Transition Support Scotland, the Fife Diet and ran conferences for the Scottish Greens. Eva is a co-founder of Starter Culture, Heartpolitics and Grassroots to Global, co-convened the Conflict Transformation summit for Transition Network and supports sociocratic system development, decision-making and facilitation in many contexts. She is also a co author of Politics, Trauma and Empathy - which she recommends we should read 'even though it's very long :)

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